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Sewage Treatment

From the World Health Organization, World Public Health and Pollution Control point of view, It is important that the sewage, before its ultimate disposal either on land or dilution in water, should be given a Sewage Treatment during which its harmful com­pounds are transformed into harmless compounds.

The main objects of Sewage Water Treatment are :


  1. To render sewage inoffensive so that it causes no odour or nuisance ;
  2. To reduce or eliminate danger to the public health by possible contamination of water supplies (like river, canal, etc.) and bathing areas (e.g., bond, etc.) ;
  3. To prevent the destruction of fish and other aquatic life in river, canals, etc., into which sewage discharge is generally made.

Sewage treatment generally, carried out using the artificial treatment method.

The basic features of this method are :

  • To seduce the solid contents  of the sewage ;
  • To remove all nuisance causing elements, and
  • To change the character of the sew ige so that it can safely be discharged into the natural water course such as river or applied on land.

Sewage Water Treatment