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Sewage Treatment

Sewage Treatment Process

The sewage treatment process of making sewage contamination into harmless form of sludge. This sewage water passed to the open environment without making problem of health hazard or causing environmental damage.

sewage water plant

Sewage Water quality

We can’t pass or pumping sewage water directly through common municipal sewage line,  River or Sea and World health organization (WHO) and local human health association permit some range of quality sewage water only allowing to permit. So all Big organization like hospital, university and factories water having their own Sewage Treatment plant to control the permit range or sewage water.

Sewage Treatment Plant

Sewage water treatment plant nowadays having in market portable and also very compact sewage plant to installation. New updated Sewage Treatment plant are low cost maintenance and less area  requirement. All Big organization installed sewage treatment plant  to control their  sewage water and passing to main severs line or using irrigation purpose of that sewage treatment output water.