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Sewage Definition

About Sewage

Sewage means that the waste products of a society including the human excreta had been collected, carried and disposed of manually to a safe point of disposal, by the sweepers ( sewage collector ), since in time immemorial. This primitive methods of collecting the disposing of the society wastes, had now been modernized and replaced by a system, in which these waste are mixed with sufficient quantity of water and carried through closed condition under the condition of gravity flow. This mixture of water and waste products, popularly called Sewage , thus automatically flows up to the place from where it is disposed of , after giving it suitable treatments. Thus avoiding carriage of waste on heads or carts. The treated sewage water effluents may be disposed of either in a running body of water, such as a stream, or may be used for irrigating crops.


Sewage Treatment:

This modern sewage water carried sewage treatment system has completely replaced the Old conservancy sewage water system of Sanitation in the developed countries like USA. however India being a developing  country, Still uses her village and small towns. The metropolitan cites and few bigger towns of our country, no doubt, have generally been equipped with the facilitated of this moderns water carriage Sewerage water treatment System  and attempts are being made to sewage treatment equipment. The remaining cities and towns with this sewage water treatment system, as soon as funds become available.