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screening is very first stage carried out at a waste water (sewage) sludge Treatment plant and consist of passing the Sewage Water through different Types & Design of Sewage Plant Screening like

  1. Coarse Screens,
  2. Medium Screens,
  3. Fine Screens.

so as to trap and remove the floating matters, such as piece of cloth, paper, wood, cork, hair, fiber, kitchen refuse, facial solids etc present in sewage. These floating materials, if not removed, lead to blockages the pipes, or effect adversely the working of sewage pump.

Screeing of Sewage

Screeing of Sewage

Thus the main important of providing Screens is to  protect the pumps and other related equipment from the possible damage due to the above mentioned floating maters of the sewage water.

Screens should preferably be placed before the grit chambers. Screening is mainly conjunction with a gravity flow system.